If you’ve been an Amazon affiliate for the past few months or years or decade, you know that to localize your Amazon links to international traffic you have to use third party software or plugins. There are a few good choices but the most popular one (I think) is Geniuslinks. However, starting this month, July 2017, Amazon has rolled out the OneLink program which basically makes my Geniuslinks subscription redundant.

Why I subscribed to Geniuslinks in the first place

The service is priced very competitively and for a minimum of $9/mo subscription you can monetize your international traffic easily because the software automatically routes your site visitor to their local Amazon storefront.

I’ve only recently subscribed to Geniuslink because I noticed I was getting a lot of traffic from non-US countries and I wanted to monetize these as well. According to my Google analytics for one of my niche sites, I was getting a pretty good number of UK and Canada traffic. This is my screenshot for the year so far:

google analytics visitor demographics

I am getting 60% of my niche site traffic from 3 first tier countries: USA, UK and Canada. Before I signed up for Geniuslinks’ Core $9/mo plan, I was literally wasting potential affiliate income from a few thousand Amazon UK and Amazon Canada visitors!

The conversion rate on my Amazon USA links is around 6.55% for this year which means 6.55% of people who come from my website and land on Amazon make a purchase on Amazon and I get a commission from their purchases.

I can only imagine if I got the same conversion rate for my UK and Canada traffic… 🙁

So yeah I wasted months of potential affiliate income… Oh well, as they say, live and learn.

Moving along…

With Geniuslinks I was able to earn some affiliate income from Amazon UK, Canada and India which more than paid off my small monthly investment. (Note that Amazon India requires an Indian bank account for payment which I DON’T HAVE so the money is just sitting there in my Amazon India account.)

In the last 30 days, my Geniuslinks dashboard shows that I’m getting a good amount of traffic from many different countries. Unfortunately, my site primarily promotes Amazon products so my monetization options for international traffic is pretty limited. Here’s a screenshot:

So anyway, like I mentioned, I’m on the basic Core plan which allows me up to 10,000 clicks on my affiliate links.

Goodbye Geniuslinks and Hello Amazon Onelink!

I was pretty happy with my Geniuslink subscription until I logged in to my Amazon Affiliate dashboard and saw that they’ve rolled out the Amazon OneLink:

I was ecstatic because this basically means I no longer need to pay Geniuslinks to monetize my UK and Canada traffic!

It’s pretty awesome and I am very happy with this update from Amazon. I mean, $9 isn’t too much but it can really add up over time, you know.

But why cancel my Geniuslink subscription when it can monetize all the other Amazon stores not just UK and Canada?

Well, I don’t really get much traffic from other countries apart from USA, UK, and Canada (I’m excluding India even though it’s my third biggest source of traffic because payout is such a pain!). So my efforts are better focused on just growing my traffic from these 3 countries.

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how you can use Amazon Onelink to link your Amazon UK and Canada accounts to your Amazon USA account.

See the green highlight above in ‘Step 1: Link Your Accounts‘?

Click on right where it says ‘Click here to link’ and you will see this screen below:

Step 1 linking amazon onelink accounts in uk and canada

Once you’ve typed your UK and Canada store IDs, you will get the following success messages:

But that’s not it. You still have to VALIDATE the link:

Once you’ve clicked on ‘Validate here’, your status will update to VERIFIED.

Step 5 verified and validated Amazon onelink account

Now that our stores have been linked and verified, we need to copy the Javascript code from Amazon into your website.

Step 6 Copy the Onelink code

Step 7 copy the amazon onelink code

In my case, I use WordPress and I use the Divi theme from Elegant Themes.

If you’re using Divi, you have to go to Divi Theme Options > Integration > Enable the Body Code > then type the Amazon Onelink code in the Body Code section:

Step 8 pasting amazon onelink code to divi

Lastly, click on the Save Changes button.

Now how to check if Amazon Onelink is working?

You can use a VPN to change your IP address. I use Okay Freedom VPN and it allows me to change my computer’s IP address to USA, Canada, and UK, and many more countries.

You can click on an affiliate link in your website and if you are on a UK IP address, and product is available on Amazon UK, then you should automatically redirect to the Amazon UK storefront. Likewise, if you are in Canada and the product is available on Amazon Canada, then you will be redirected automatically to Amazon Canada storefront.

My final thoughts about Amazon Onelink

I am really, really happy that Amazon FINALLY did geo-targeting in-house because I no longer have to pay for geo-targeting and localizing my international traffic. But I’m just one of thousands, or maybe millions, I don’t know.

Of course, I’m pretty sure other Amazon affiliates (especially those who get a significant amount of traffic from countries other than USA, UK and Canada) will continue with their Geniuslinks subscription.

But for me personally, since my niche site gets traffic primarily from USA, UK and Canada, Amazon Onelink is more than enough for my needs.

What about you? What are your thoughts on this Amazon update? Let me know in the comments below!

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