In this Divi tutorial, I will show you how I finally solved this seemingly difficult problem. I ran across this issue when I published my first ever blog post on this site. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to make the comments appear at the bottom of my post. It only showed the following:

divi comments not showing up

I was getting pretty frustrated and researched for about 3 hours for the solution. I found this blog that offered detailed steps on how to fix this problem but it didn’t help. To be fair, the post was published in 2015 but I guess people are still having the same problem to this day. So, I added a Child Theme plugin and did the PHP and CSS edits he suggested in Method 1 but still nothing.

I searched Google and Youtube for a solution but my search yielded nada. So I went to my Elegant Themes members area (I know I should probably have searched here first and saved hours of my life!) and found the solution that worked.

So, here’s what I did:

  1. First I reviewed my blog post for the nth time and made sure the Comments module was on the page.
  2. I went to the Edit Post option, clicked on Screen Options and ticked the Discussion box:

3. I scrolled down to the Discussion settings on the page and ticked the two boxes:

4. The Comments box will now appear on the post:

divi comment module now working

5. Also, before I forget you also have to enable the following options in your Divi theme options:

Go to Divi > Theme Options > Layout > Single Post Layout > Show comments on posts > Enabled.ย 

Then hit SAVE.

Hopefully, this fix will work for you as well! If you have questions, feel free to comment below. Cheers!

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