My Honest Spin Rewriter Review: 2 Years Later

In this blog post, I’m going to be reviewing one of my favorite tools in my “arsenal”, Spin Rewriter. This is quite a lengthy post because I do have a lot to say in this Spin Rewriter review. You’ll learn why I absolutely love this paraphrasing, rewording and article rewriting tool!

First of all, what is spun content?

Have you ever come across an article or web page that read like it was written by someone who just randomly inserted words in a nonsensical fashion?

Text that just didn’t make sense at all? And text that made your head spin?

I’m sure you have..

Chances are what you read (or tried to read, for that matter) was spun text created by a spinner tool or paraphrasing software. 

But just in case you don’t know what I’m referring to, check out this example:

Here’s My Original Text:

Before I give you the 5 main reasons I chose to stay with my Bluehost Plus subscription for another year, I’d like to give a not so quick background on why I ditched Hostgator after hours of just signing up.

Poorly spun content will make your head spin!

Compare this to the Spun Text below (using a random free English paraphrasing tool I found online):

Before I give you the 5 principle reasons I remained with my Bluehost Plus membership for one more year, I’d jump at the chance to give a not all that fast foundation on why I jettisoned Hostgator twilight of simply joining.

Now that spun text didn’t make a lot of sense, did it?

I wrote that original text here and I’d like to assume that you can understand what I am trying to convey in that sentence. 🙂

Now, I’m not going to pretend I’m a native English speaker. But I like to think my writing skills are good enough for you to understand and make you think a real person wrote it.

Now, for the spun text.. didn’t your head ache just trying to make sense of 41 words??

I know mine did!


Imagine reading an entire article made of spun text. I swear it’ll make you vomit.

I’ve read countless articles through the years with text spun so poorly I thought to myself I was never going to spin content and would rather write everything manually instead of making my audience suffer.

I really, really thought all sentence rephrasing tools and content spinning software were created the same — just pure rubbish machines spewing unreadable content on the world wide web!

Thankfully, I was mistaken. You see, as soon I learned about Spin Rewriter and took it out for a spin (notice the pun? lol), I was hooked!

What is Spin Rewriter?

Spin Rewriter is a content spinning software (a.k.a.  SEO article rewriter) developed by Aaron Sustar.

This online software was highly recommended by an Internet marketer I follow and trust, so I decided to go check it out. (I’d say plenty of online marketers are only interested in gaining profit for themselves and don’t care whether they recommend garbage software or not).

This marketer only recommends software he actually uses and which complements his own products (I’m a happy user of his software).

So if he says in his Spin Rewriter review that this is the best content and article spinner, then it’s probably true. So check it out I went.

By this time, I was well into my Youtube marketing activities and I wanted to make unique descriptions for each video I made (I’ll write a detailed guide about my video creation process later).

I was uploading 10-20 videos per day and didn’t have time to write that much content (I aimed for at least 300 words in the description) so you can imagine how much time writing 3000-6000 words would take!

So I tried out their 5-day free trial and I can literally say I was blown away by what Spin Rewriter could do!

For years, I thought there was no way I was ever going to use spun content but with this software I could easily reword, rephrase and rewrite words, sentences, paragraphs and entire articles quickly.

I immediately realized just how powerful it was and how it can help me grow my online business!

Check out their member’s area:

spin rewriter members area

After the 5-day trial was up, I signed up for the yearly subscription for $77. There are actually 3 payment options:

(1) Monthly subscription at $47/mo

(2) Yearly subscription at $77/year

(3) Lifetime subscription (one time payment) at $497

spin rewriter price

Of course, the annual subscription would be the most effective in the long run, but it’s too expensive for me at the moment.

The monthly option wasn’t so cost effective as well seeing how I planned on using the software for months or maybe even years!

The sweet spot for me was the annual subscription so that’s what I bought.

I’ve been using Spin Rewriter for more than a year now and I can honestly say that this online paraphrasing tool rocks and is absolutely the best word spinner tool in the market today!

Who will benefit from Spin Rewriter?

I know this tool is not for everybody — this is geared more towards people who need plenty of unique content fast and who don’t have the $$$ to spend on an army of content writers.

If you are a blogger or affiliate marketer doing some backlinking work, an article writer looking to submit content to various websites, an SEO expert/agency, or any one who needs unique content fast, then you should seriously take a look at Spin Rewriter.

I guarantee this software is nothing like the free spinning tools you see online.

Where will you get the content to spin?

There are plenty of options if you think outside the box. 🙂 Here’s what I can think of at the top of my head:

1. For me, personally, I prefer to write my own content and then I run it through Spin Rewriter. This way I have multiple versions of my own unique article.

This works if I want to change or rewrite sentences without changing the meaning.

2. If you don’t want to write the content yourself, you can outsource it.

You can go to and hire a writer for a few bucks. Then you can spin their submitted content through the best article rewriter nowadays, Spin Rewriter.

fiverr banner 20 percent discount

3. Alternatively, you can use PLR articles (Private Label Rights) which you can buy very cheaply and spin it on the software.

Here’s my recommended PLR site: 10.280+ PLR Products; eBooks, Software, Videos, Articles and more!

I don’t recommend just plugging in the PLR article directly to Spin Rewriter because other people would be using the same content.

I recommend rewriting the PLR content first so you make it absolutely unique and then run it through Spin Rewriter!

11 Reasons Why I Love Spin Rewriter:

I’ve got plenty of reasons why I love this software (11 of them to be exact!). Read on to find out if you agree with my thoughts:

1. It’s not just automated spinning — they use Emulated Natural Language Semantic Technology.

Wait, what? It’s quite a mouthful.

Let’s just cut it short to ENL Semantic Technology. Basically, it means the software analyzes the whole article to understand what it means.

It doesn’t just focus on word-level spinning, or even paragraph-level spinning, it focuses on the context that’s why it’s able to do whole article level spinning.

Take for example this text:

John can relax and read a book, because his kids can book the vacation for him.

Note that the word ‘book’ was used twice in the sentence.

The free spinner I tried online came out with this spun version:

John can relax up and read a book, since his youths can book the outing for him.

It didn’t even spin the word ‘book’. But with Spin Rewriter, the spun text was as follows:

1. John can relax and read a novel, because his kids can make a reservation for the vacation for him.

2. John is able to relax and read a book, because his kids are able to make a reservation for the vacation for him.

3. John can relax and read a novel, because his kids can book the vacation for him.

That’s just the automated spun content. You can even manually set the synonyms for each word if you want to produce more unique articles.

2. Multiple level spinning

The software allows you to spin articles on the word level, the sentence level, the paragraph level and even the whole article level.

You have the option to go as deep as you want and produce a vast number of unique articles.

multiple level spinning on spin rewriter

While this option is available, I do not personally use it because it increases the likelihood of my spun articles looking like, well, spun articles.

I like to have control over the spinning process so I usually take the time to go through the words or phrases I want to spin before running it through the software.

Yes, it takes me more than the advertised ‘45 seconds to create hundreds of unique, human-quality articles’ but it gives me so much more readable and higher quality spun content that actually looks like it’s been written by a person.

3. Very fast and very smooth running web software

I love that Spin Rewriter is web based. It means I don’t have to download anything to my computer.

Instead I can just login to my Spin Rewriter account, upload the article I want to spin, set the spin settings I want to use, then wait maybe a minute for the software to return with the spun articles.

If I select 500 unique articles, it’s going to return a zip file in just a minute with all 500 unique articles inside.

Yep, it’s really that fast. Check out this screen recording:

4. Automatic paragraph creation

I mentioned above that Spin Rewriter uses ENL Semantic Technology which means it’s able to understand what the article is about.

Well, the paragraph creation feature is a product of ENL Technology.

The software will create new content based on your original article and insert it into the spun content!

spin rewriter automatic paragraph creation

It’s actually a very cool feature — though when I manually check the spun articles I sometimes have to move or remove the newly-created paragraph because it doesn’t fit in the flow.

But it’s such a minor issue, I can just be a bit OC at times. haha

5. List shuffle feature

Another feature I love in Spin Rewriter is the list shuffle feature. Basically, if the software detects unordered lists (in bullet points) in your article, it will rearrange the list thereby increasing the uniqueness of your spun articles.

For example, if you have the following bullet points in your original text:

  • Bullet point a
  • Bullet point b
  • Bullet point c

It will be spun into the following:

  • Bullet point c
  • Bullet point b
  • Bullet point a

What’s also really awesome is that Spin Rewriter won’t touch your ordered or numbered lists.

This means that if you have ordered lists (numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on), the software is not going to rearrange it.

If you want the list to be rearranged too, then you have to edit and turn your ordered list into an unordered one.

6. Possibility of 100% unique spun articles

If this is what you want to achieve, you can choose to not have any of the original words in the spun articles.

This means that the software will replace each and every word with a synonym.

spin rewriter uniqueness

Personally, I haven’t used this feature because in all likelihood it will just come up with rubbish articles which will literally make your reader’s head spin.

But it’s a nice feature to have — if your intended audience are just search engine bots and not humans!

7. Copyscape integration

I have a Copyscape subscription and all I had to do was just add my Copyscape API to Spin Rewriter. If I want to check an articles uniqueness I just press a button. And voila, I’m able to determine straight away just how unique the article is!

8. Save for later

I use this feature a lot. Because you know here in the Philippines, we do have electricity issues at times. So better safe than sorry. haha

spin rewriter save project for later

As I mentioned in point 2, I manually go through the article I want to spin and select the synonyms I want to use.

Reviewing a 500-word article will take me about an hour so I make sure to save every 5 or 10 minutes to make sure none of my work is lost!

9. It’s priced reasonably with free lifetime updates!

I’ve yet to come across a free spinning software that returns spun text that makes even a little bit of sense.

For only $77/year or $497 one-time, I think Spin Rewriter is an awesome deal.

The first version of Spin Rewriter was released way back in 2011.

So this means that these guys are serious about updating and supporting this software to make sure it remains the leading software in this market! That’s quite a track record if you ask me.

Most software creators will probably offer support for 1 or 2 years and then they vanish into thin air. Not these guys.

Check out this message in the member’s area:

spin rewriter weekly updates

10. It saves me hundreds of hours every month on writing articles from scratch!

The software allows me to live my life and spend time with my family.

spin rewriter saves me time

Yes, I still spend some time going through the spin settings manually BUT that’s nothing compared to the number of hours I would’ve spent writing a number of articles

Spin Rewriter literally allowed me to start writing on this blog instead of doing video descriptions for my Youtube videos and web 2.0 articles!

11. In-depth guides and tutorials

The Spin Rewriter team has put together detailed video and written tutorials to help you make the most out of the software.

This is super helpful especially for new customers who need help every step of the way!

This is what the Video Tutorials section looks like:

spin rewriter video tutorials area

Cons of Spin Rewriter:

In this section of my Spin Rewriter review, I’ll list down a couple of negatives about the software.

1. Their ENL technology is top notch but it’s not perfect.

I don’t believe any spinning technology can ever replace a human’s rewriting and paraphrasing skills.

This is why I still go through the spin settings manually — to make sure I myself will understand the spun articles.

Leaving my articles to artificial intelligence just doesn’t cut it for me.

2. You need to pay extra if you want to integrate Spin Rewriter on your self-hosted WordPress sites.

If you have a private blog network, the WordPress plugin will be very useful. I mean, you can spin articles on your Spin Rewriter account and then ‘push’ the spun content to your WordPress sites and have the spun articles published.

How awesome and efficient is that?

But I think this plugin shouldn’t come at an extra cost (but that’s just me.. I’m sure Aaron and his team deserves compensation for a wonderful software!).

If you have $47 to spare and you’ve got a network of WordPress sites, then you should go ahead and buy this extra.

My Spin Rewriter Rating: 9/10

If you are on the fence about getting the software, try it out for free for 5 days!

I promise you will not regret getting this software especially if you need tons of unique content generated quickly.

I’m absolutely serious when I say this is the best content spinner and rewording tool money can buy.

That’s it. I hope this article will help open your eyes to the wonderful world of article spinning (if done correctly, of course).

My final thoughts on this Spin Rewriter review

As I have mentioned in the introduction, not everyone can benefit from using a spinning software. But for those who do (for example, affiliate marketers like myself), this is an indispensable tool and is truly a time-saver.

I’ve given Spin Rewriter a very high mark (9/10) because it’s useful to my online business. Now, if you’re on the fence about getting this software, take it out for a spin since they do offer a free trial. Try it and buy it if it benefits your business.

Let me know in the comments what you think about this software! Also, please don’t forget to share this post with your friends. Thanks! 🙂

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